Services include

    • Scratch and groove repair
    • Split or cracked planks
    • Finish repair
    • Water repair
    • Board replacement
    • Gaping and Cupping Repair

Scratch Repair

The process to repair a scratch depends on the severity of the scratch. More serious scratches require sanding while minor scratches likes nicks or small grooves can be touched up to blend in with the surrounding stain.

Split or cracked planks

Using specialized, angled floor nails, Calhoun and Sons Hardwood Flooring will rejoin the splits in your hardwood planks and use wood putty to mend the scar. Depending on the nature of the damage, sanding the surface and applying a new finish coat may be required.

Gaping or Cupping

Gaping is known as the presence of gaps between wood planks. Cupping is when the middle of your floorboards sink while the edges curl up. This type of damage is usually a result of excess moisture. Repair may include tightening, sanding, re-staining and refinishing the flooring.

Restoration and Remodeling

Calhoun and Sons is an excellent choice for commercial or residential hardwood flooring restoration and remodeling projects. We serve the individual builder with single projects, large housing developments, historic properties and condominium complexes. We are a preferred choice for builders because we deliver an outstanding product, on time and within budget.

Calhoun & Sons Hardwood Flooring experts will meet with you for a FREE, no-obligation quote to assess the damage to your hardwood floors. Contact us today!