Planning for your next flooring project

Estimating the time and cost of a hardwood floor installation will require an in-person consultation to evaluate what will have to be removed or replaced prior to hardwood installation. This can include a tear out of the existing flooring, flooring preparation including a sub-floor evaluation and installation of vapor barrier to protect your floors from moisture.

The type of process that is performed will determine the amount of time to complete the project. Every project is unique based on the original construction of the existing flooring and how it was installed in relation to the walls. For instance, for new installation of hardwood in a 350 square foot room, we performed a tear-out of carpet and particle board, which left a gap between the floor and the molding. This added more time to the project because we had to add base shoe connectors to compensate for the gap. An oil based finished was applied, which required two coats, resulted in completion in five days. On average, these types of projects can fluctuate between four and five days for completion.

Typically, families can move back into their home in three days. Within one week the finish has a 90% cure rate. Within 10 days you can place your area rugs on the finished floors. The off-gassing of the finish typically occurs between 30-90 days depending on the environment within and without.

If you are sensitive to chemicals, or, you have pets, please mention this when you talk with us so we can discuss the options available to you.