While hardwood floors are typically a very durable and long-lasting flooring choice, repair due to negligence, water spots, pet stains or age is sometimes required. A dulled aesthetic appearance isn’t the only reason to repair hardwood flooring. Floors that are in poor condition can cause a number of hazards including slivers, toe stubs, tripping and even falls. Gaps and gouges in the floorboards also collect allergens and other harmful impurities contributing to poor indoor air quality.

Issue that result in repairs vary and include a lack of maintenance, improper maintenance, damage from water, pet urination and more. If your wood flooring has reached an advanced age, has been subjected to heavy use, or it was improperly installed, repair can restore life and protect your family and floors!

Sometimes the damage is result of minor surface scratches over your entire surface which can be burnished and blended into the existing floor. In older floors repair may require sanding to a break-off point because we cannot create an aging affect. Other times repair will require sanding the floor and even replacing some boards. At minimum, sections from wall-to-wall will be repaired. Calhoun and Sons will advise you on the best course of action based on the severity of damage to create the best look for customer satisfaction.